Photolifting ®

“Intense Pulsed Light” generated by reliable “IPL” devices is proved to have a real and measurable effectiveness on skin rejuvenation, in particular when applied to the hands, the low neckline, the neck and the face.

“Intense Pulsed Light” can seriously help you minimize or get rid for good of:

  • Superficial but unattractive vascular problems (redness, rosacea, telangiectasias….)
  • Uneven pigmentation (old age lantigos, frikles)
  • Small wrinkles and crow’s feet.
  • The unsightly signs of acne
  • A distended and flabby skin.


The immediate visible effects are:

  • Skin complexion homogenization,
  • Immediate improvement of the skin texture
  • Closing of open pores.


“IPL” provides an established, fast, non invasive and non surgical dramatic lifting effect.