FAQ - LED Technology

How does it work?

Aesthetic treatment using quality LED-based technology equipment is a gentle non invasive and totally pain free process by which light beams of various wavelengths (colors) and various energies are delivered to the skin and underlying tissues.

The light emitted by the LED’s comes in different colors. In our case in 3 colors: Blue, Red and Infra-red (invisible to the human eye).

The light penetrates the skin to reach different depths and different targets.

Infrared Light Activates blood circulation by dilating vessels and promotes hydration. It also opens up pores which will allow the skin to better absorb specially formulated cosmetic products for deep reaching benefits.
Red Light Stimulates and strengthens existing Elastin and Collagen two proteins produced by the Fibroblasts and crucial for the skins appearance and perfect elasticity. It also enhances production of new ones.
Blue light Antiseptic and astringent, it lightens skin blemishes and erases imperfections. It also helps fight the cause of acne, clears up spots and pimples by destroying the germs that causes them. It also helps accelerate the healing process of acne scars.

In short, “LED” technology can generally help resolve the following problems:

  • blemishes and skin imperfections
  • Hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars
  • Small wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Signs of acne ( A treatment FDA approved since 2003)
  • Irritated skin
  • Stress

It is important to note that our technology is the only one efficiently combining Red and Blue color lights with Infrared rays for optimal results.

The procedure

Client/patient is settled down on a comfortable armchair or a massage table. An assistant thoroughly cleans the treatment area using a soft cleanser.

During treatment, client/patient should wear specially adapted protective eyeglasses or goggles in order to shield eyes from the bright light emitted by the “LED” device.

If client/patient so desires, while the session is in progress, he can use the built-in audio system of the “LED” device and the provided earphones to immerse himself into one of the 5 different and appropriate relaxing music programs for a wonderful feeling of well being.

The 3 adaptable panels are positioned about 5 cm from, and directed toward, the target area.

There are 7 different and accurate treatments programmed into our “LED” device: 6 aesthetic and beauty programs tailored for different skin types and different purposes and 1 anti stress and relaxation program.

The practitioner programs the device according to the desired treatment, and leaves the room.

Client/patient can then enjoy the treatment in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

How many sessions are needed?

Benefits can be seen already after the first session.

We suggest 5 to 8 sessions depending on the treatment and the skin type to ensure convincing and long lasting results. 2 sessions a week are generally recommended for most treatments.

How is LED Therapy different from Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy?

Most light-based skin therapies, in particular Intense Pulsed Light and Laser treatments rely on heat and thermal contusion to create changes in skin appearance.

Skin-modulation using LED technology does not use direct heat and trauma to the target tissues to affect change.

Therefore, client/patient is not subject to even minor thermal wounds and the variables associated with thermal wound-healing responses. LED therapy involves no pain and no side effects whatsoever.

How long does one session last?

Each of the aesthetic and beauty programs sessions last 30 minutes while one anti stress, relaxation program session lasts 45 minutes.

Does it hurt?

“LED” Therapy is totally pain-free and causes no discomfort whatsoever. Client/patient may experience some slight heating of the skin in the treatment area.

This is indeed a positive sign that treatment is working. This feeling should disappear a few minutes after session is over. Clients/patients report no discomfort or pain associated with LED treatments

Are there any undesirable side effects?

Absolutely no side effects derive from “LED” treatments.

What should be done after treatment?

Absolutely nothing unusual. Client/patient should return to her/his regular routine until the next session.

The practitioner may advice on the topic application of a specially formulated cream according to the type of treatment undergone.

Does “LED” treatment work on me?

Most people can safely and successfully expose their skin to “LED” therapy.

Nevertheless, people who have scarring problems should refrain. Pregnant women should also refrain.
All Fitzpatrick skin types, from fair to very dark can enjoy the benefits of “LED” treatments.