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CODE: L800

Selective Skin Rejuvenation with Photolifting® by SPL® pulsed light

A unique patent for unprecedented comfort. SPL technology is the most effective and most comfortable system on the pulsed light market: in effect energy is transmitted in the form of a single pulse of constant power. This technological advance makes it possible to work with optimal efficiency, while drastically reducing the risk of burning.

This machine, which is of unbeatable quality and offered at an attractive price, will enable you start up your pulsed light hair removal activity with a very small initial investment.


Guaranteed success.

  • You want to offer your clients a complete facial treatment, which brings together:
    • Lines and wrinkles are less apparent.
    • Promotes firmer, more youthful looking facial contours and enhance facial features.
    • Evens out and lightens the complexion.
    • Tightens pores, refines skin’s texture, helps diminish redness.
  • Practically painless, this gives a stunning face from the very first treatment.
  • The effectiveness of the treatment and a fortnightly maintenance operation coupled with the first sessions will ensure that you get immediate client loyalty.

Ease of Use

Ergonomic design for unprecedented ease of use.

  • The ergonomic design of the hand unit, together with its light weight, make it exceptionally easy to handle, for faster, more precise and more comfortable treatment.
  • An immediate selection of treatments from 84 preprogrammed functions.
  • The simple and intuitive control panel allows immediate treatment personalization, simply by pressing it.


Yperion L800, designed to minimize the risk of error.

  • Activation protection.
  • Light guide.
  • Light spectrum fully secured (400-1000 nm).