The Company

Our company was incorporated in 2001 under the name “A&M technology” as a daughter company of Jacques Bogart SA, a French diversified corporation, listed on the Paris stock exchange, involved in the fields of: Cosmetics, Perfumes, Fashion, Biotech, Advanced Technologies, Hotels, Restaurants and Real Estate.
In 2007, “A&M technology” changed its name to “Yperion Technology SAS”.

The company designs, manufactures and distributes light-based medical and aesthetic devices, including “Intense Pulsed Light” and “LED” based devices, as well as a full range of unique cosmetics.

The state of the art formulas of our cosmetic products encompass selected active ingredients whose actions and benefits are considerably enhanced when used in combination with the light emitted at certain wavelength by our “LED” system.

The company exports its products to over 60 countries worldwide through a network of distributors catering for the needs of the aesthetic and medical markets.

All Yperion’s products are presently manufactured in house, in France.

The Yperion product range complies with all international requested certifications: CE, CE Medical, FDA, Curtis Strauss and more.



YPERION TECHNOLOGY SAS is a fully owned company of SARIEL SAS a diversified holding company.

YERION TECHNOLOGY’s business was sold on October 20th 2015 to CAPITALIS CONSULTING SAS a subsidiary of DERMEO SAS.

Subsequent to the cession, YPERION TECHNOLOGY SAS was constrained to sue CAPITALIS CONSULTING for non-respect of the sales contract and commitment to the former employees.
On march 8th 2017, CAPITALIS CONSULTING SAS was condemned by the commercial court of Paris to restore its business to YPERION TECHNOLOGY SAS and sentenced to pay YPERION TECHNOLOGY substantial monetary damages with immediate effect.

After CAPITALIS CONSULTING SAS appealed to the first president of the commercial court of Paris to suspend the immediate implementation of the verdict, On July 19th 2017, the first president confirmed that the business should be returned to YPERION TECHNOLOGY SAS, and granted CAPITALIS CONSULTING SAS a differed implementation of the financial part of the sentence.

YPERION TECHNOLOGY SAS and its president Jacques Konckier have fully recovered since July 19th 2017 the control and management of the company whose good will as been partially and steadily destroyed by CAPITALIS CONSULTING SAS during its tenure.