Approximately 3,5 billion people around the world, men and women alike, need to get rid of unwanted hair every 3 to 4 weeks in average, using an array of different methods.

  • Waxing, applying caramel like mixtures, honey or a simple cotton thread for the more antique ones,
  • Regular shaving, electric shaving or applying chemical depilatory creams for the more recent ones.

Most methods being either highly painful, or repetitive and boring chores.

Laser and Pulsed Light Technologies, for Hair Removal, Photo-Lifting and Skin Rejuvenation are generally very expensive for the practitioner and the end user. This explains why less than 3% of the population, even in the so called developed countries, have been able so far to afford the cost of treatments.

Thanks to its exclusive technology and its innovative pattern of distribution, YPERION is intent on making “IPL” treatments available to a great and ever growing number of consumers who until now, although very interested, could not afford their price.

Having realized that cost was the only real stumbling block, Yperion’s ultimate objective and declared ambition is to democratize and bring within reach of almost everyone an otherwise clean, modern, efficient and time saving technology.